AE 009-The right plants for your yard

2020-07-29T17:27:57-04:00By |DIY Landscape Design, Easy Living Yards Podcast, Low Maintenance Plants|

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss how to find the right plants for your space.  Are you overwhelmed with what to plant in your yard?  Does the nursery always seem to let you down?


  • Reason
    • Right plant = less work
      • Happier
      • Fewer problems
      • Better growth
      • Better foliage & blooms
  • Know your conditions
    • USDA zone
    • Existing soil conditions
      • soil test
        • extension office
      • texture
        • clay, loam, silt, sand
      • structure
        • aggregates
      • Fertility
      • pH
      • compaction
      • depth
    • Water