ELY 047 – DIY Landscaping best from 2018

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Best DIY Landscaping tips from 2018 – Show Notes

Thank you for such an amazing year!  I’ve had a blast with launching this podcast, and have enjoyed helping you to make a positive impact in your yard and life.  As a reward to yourself, please take a moment to reflect on how you can live with more passion, and make tomorrow better than today! 

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ELY 026 – Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

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Show Notes: Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Take action in your yard with these low maintenance landscaping ideas!  If you want easy landscaping and more time, use these simple landscaping ideas to transform your yard and life!  Yes, it really makes a difference!

Low maintenance landscaping can help you save time and enjoy more time with your family.

Here are the best ways to have a low maintenance landscape.

  1. Get rid of weeds
  2. Best Organic fertilizer or natural […]

The Easiest Best Garden Plants in the Midwest

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Get your easy plant today

Do you want a plant you can get NOW from the nursery

and have it in the ground TODAY?

This super simple short list gives you three super easy plants to add beauty to your landscape today!

These are three low maintenance plants that have proven success in nearly ALL of the United States.

They are each beautiful in their own way and provide you with three different options for […]

AE019 – Easy Plants – Annuals or Perennials?

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Show Notes

Today, we talk about easy plants for your yard.  What are the best types of plants?

I cover the topic of annual plants and perennial plants and why these categories are important for you when you want a low maintenance landscape.

Show Notes:

  • Today’s topic: what are annuals and perennials and what they mean for you
  • How to use plants to save time and maximize beauty


  • Last for one growing season
  • Need to replant each […]
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