AE 012-Dealing with Weed Problems

2020-07-29T17:28:01-04:00By |Easy Living Yards Podcast, Low Maintenance Plants|

Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss what to do with weeds.  Why are weeds there?  What can you do about weeds in your yard? Are there healthy ways to remove weeds?


  • What is a weed?
    • Wrong plant, wrong place
    • Repairing the soil
    • Taking advantage of unused resources
      • Space, nutrients, sunlight, etc
  • General approach
    • Pull
    • Spray
      • Instant kill, short term
      • Long lasting preventers
        • Residual
  • Why are weeds there?
    • Gather data – indicates corrective action
    • Weeds […]

AE 008 – Disease problems and what to do

2020-07-29T17:27:56-04:00By |Easy Living Yards Podcast, Low Maintenance Plants|

Show Notes

In this episode we talk about how to deal with disease problems in your landscape.  Are the plants in your yard healthy?  Do your garden plants need help?  Is your lawn diseased?


  • Types of plant disease
    • Mold, bacteria, protozoa, insect, etc.
  • Diseases and pests are indicators of deeper issues
    • Moles – excess grubs
      • Grubs – excess root zone death
    • Plant stress
  • Usual root cause – soil health
  • Investigating in disease cause

The Top 3 Reasons your Tree is Dying

2018-02-22T09:59:35-05:00By |Low Maintenance Plants|

When it comes to growing trees, you would think it’s so simple.  You plant it in the ground, give it some water, give it some more water, let it grow, then enjoy.  Right???  So why does your beautiful tree have disease problems?  Why is your tree dying?

Let’s get out our detective hat and figure out what’s going on with your tree!

Reason # 1: Planting too deep

The absolute most common […]

Is Your Yard on Crack?

2021-07-17T22:28:18-04:00By |DIY Landscape Design|

An 8-step program to kick the habit!


Have you noticed it?  You wake up one morning and find the cash in your wallet missing.  Then you get a call from the lawn guy.

“I need to come by and give you one more treatment.  I noticed a few grub spots that we should take care of now before it gets worse”

I thought he did that last fall, you think to yourself.

“Well you know, these things are normal.  […]

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