5- Kale/Cabbage (Brassica oleracea vars.)

Kale comes in a wide variety of color and texture for the late season garden

Cabbage also brings variety of color and texture

I have put kale and cabbage (B. oleracea) into the same category due to their relatedness and similarities of use.  Both in the Brassica genus, these plants pack a nutritional punch and can look great in any landscape.

Similar to lettuces, you can plan out harvests of your cabbage and kale for most of the growing season.  However, both species generally prefer cool weather growth and harvest.  Kale in particular can be harvested until very late in the year.

Cabbage form varies from dense round heads you commonly see in groceries, to loose tall heads, to very loose habits that nearly resemble kale.  Kale generally forms a loose growth habit of deeply ruffled leaves and a frosty, waxy appearance to the leaf surface.

Both kale and cabbage have varieties of deep green, to light green, to purple.

Watch-outs: Brassicas in general are susceptible to several diseases and pests, and must be looked after.  Spreading out plantings greatly reduces pest pressure.  Again, these are usually considered cool season crops.  Be sure to plan and plant at appropriate times for the intended variety.