Epic Gardening Podcast 1 – ELY 065

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Epic Gardening – Show Notes

Today’s links: ely.how/episode65

Epic Gardening with Kevin Espiritu

1. Living with purpose through landscapes

  • What we do matters
  • Our time is valuable
  • How to focus on the right priorities
    • Define priorities
    • Consider […]

ELY 048 – What are your DIY Landscaping goals for 2019?

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Easy DIY Landscaping Ideas – Setting goals for a new year!

Get inspired to improve your yard this year! 

Save time and effort from needless maintenance.  Make DIY landscaping easy!

Starting the year with focus and commitment

  • Landscaping goals for the year
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Increase beauty
  • Live with more intent
  • […]

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